May 25 2018

HS2 turns tunnel option down: help us fight back

Last week we were devastated to learn that the High Speed Rail Bill Select Committee has rejected our calls for a tunnel on Phase 2a of HS2 through parts of Staffordshire. This option would have protected the beautiful Whitmore Wood, the landscape and the local community from being destroyed.


But now the ancient woodland, its wildlife and the local community face devastation, simply to save money on what is an already hugely expensive project. 


Some 6.7 hectares of irreplaceable habitat will now be lost without the tunnel option between Whitmore and Madeley in Staffordshire, with six hectares lost at Whitmore Wood alone. The Woodland Trust, amongst many others, petitioned for a tunnel which would not only protect the woodland, but stop houses being demolished, reduce traffic and noise impacts, decrease loss of farmland and simplify the complex engineering required for the route.


The single tunnel option would have eliminated most of this loss, reducing the overall destruction of ancient woodland on Phase 2a by over 60 per cent.


High Speed Rail 2 (HS2) is a large scale infrastructure project to create a high speed railway connecting the north, Birmingham and London.  Altogether, it threatens 98 ancient woods along the route and many ancient and veteran trees. The Woodland Trust has been campaigning to protect these habitats from the plans since 2013.


After learning of this shocking result, we are campaigning to convince government to reconsider. Ancient woods are few in number and irreplaceable so all efforts should be made to protect them.


How you can help


  • Take part in our campaign and persuade government to reconsider the tunnel here
  • Share our campaign with your friends and family, get everyone involved!


Let’s pile on the pressure so that government makes the right decision. 

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