May 23 2018

Bishop’s Knoll Volunteer Newsletter May 2018

Rather reduced numbers this time because of our change of date from the 5th. (The May Bank Holiday weekend, when many people said they would be unable to attend). However those 8 who were able to come did great things and thanks to all who let us know they could not be there this time.

First on the list of tasks was to begin painting the Pergola and the fine dry day made this possible though it took 4 of us all the morning and almost 2 litres of Hammerite to paint the bottom two railings.  On this basis we will need another 5 weekends  to complete the task  – something everyone will be able to enjoy in the coming months!


The team at work with wire brush and Hammerite


Meanwhile a few yards away on Terrace 1 Brian O was at work with this “switch”. While we don’t want to stop the dandelions, which provide early nectar for our bumblebees, their prodigious growth around the trees in the orchard restrict growth and are better culled after they begin to seed.


Our fine crop of dandelions ready to seed on Terrace 2 but cleared from around the new trees


We also had an earlier small diversion to clear the fallen tree from Terrace 3 ( there have been other trees felled by contractors in the past month) but then we  left Bev and Martyn Knott to continue their work on Terrace 4. One of the less welcome discoveries they made we think is a reappearance of the Japanese Knot weed at the bottom of the Terrace 4 steps but this needs to be confirmed since it has already been treated on two previous occasions; at least this patch seems to be very small.


Knot weed………………………………………. ………… ..or not?


On Terrace 5 Brian (Price) has done amazing work clearing the low wall which was on the list of works given to us by Joe Middleton at the beginning of the season. The clearance now clearly reveals another walkway immediately below it. Only a small amount of restoration to the stonework will be needed here.



Brian P’s fine clearance effort


As we were leaving Brian O pointed out that the Midland Hawthorn by the gate was continuing to lean and was now only held up by the railings beneath its trunk. There is little doubt this tree is now dying (despite its fine blossom this year) and is a potential danger to the public – Joe Middleton (Site Manager) will be informed



The Midland Hawthorn near the Bramble Drive gate


Future Activities


On June 2nd  both Bev and Chris will be attending the Volunteer meeting at Taunton the details of which you all ought to have been sent by Amanda. We have spare seats anyone who wishes to come, please let both Bev and Chris know so we can plan suitable pick ups.


June 9/10th is the Bristol Festival of Nature – Bev and Chris will be on duty on the Trust stand and hope many of you will drop by to say hello.

This means

The next working party will be held on June 16th.

Chris and Bev Volunteers for the wood


  • Sarah Shaw

    Great work Chris, Bev and the rest of the group. Bishop’s Knoll looks like a wonderful site and i’ll be sure to visit if i’m ever down Bristol way. I’d love a look around.

    May 23, 2018 at 2:44 pm
  • ChrisStephens

    Thanks Sarah, you would be most welcome – first Saturday of every month ( except when it is not like when we had the Festival of Nature on the same weekend!

    August 15, 2018 at 2:42 pm

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