May 22 2018

Birdlife a Plenty in Owlet Wood


Its all very busy with wildlife down here at Owlet Wood at the moment. We are seeing the return of some of our summer visitors with the cuckoo calling several times a day for extended periods over the last 10 days, which is great to hear. I believe we are seeing it and hearing it around a lot more due to having more willow warblers, chiffchaff  and blackcap in the wood than in the past. This could well be due to the increase in bramble and birch scrub due to better management and the decrease in the surrounding farmland of the willow plantations that where originally planted for bio fuel, making the wood a more appealing nesting site. The wood is alive with the sound of their furious singing attracting mates

Our greater spotted woodpeckers have stopped drumming and are now excavating nest sites and egg laying.  There is no sign yet of the spotted flycatchers as yet,but still time as they are usually the last of the migrants to appear.

A red kite has been seen several times flying over the wood in the last couple of weeks, and a local can be buzzard seen and heard most days . Although though no longer using the wood to nest in, it does come in hunting all of the rabbit,pigeon and grey squirrels!


Des Lloyd- Volunteer Warden, Owlet Wood


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