May 16 2018

Set your challenge!

‘Set your challenge’ is now underway!

We have decided to trial individual fundraising to allow individuals to support us through sponsored events.

With a refreshed fundraising page here and a blog here to tell people more. We will be using inspirational stories including Site Manager Al with his amazing challenge of the running tree and the London Marathon and Jo who did a sky dive for us back in 2016, with the aim to encourage more people to do something different for woods and trees.

Emphasising the benefits of nature on our wellbeing, we are looking for individuals/groups to set a challenge. It can be anything as long as it increases their time outdoors.

There’s no time limit, no restrictions – the challenge can be as bold or basic as you want.

The challenge doesn’t have to be big to make a difference – every little counts

We just want to inspire more people to set their challenge, and to fundraise, or donate, to support the wellbeing of our trees. Whilst at the same time do something good for your own wellbeing.

Now how about sharing with your networks and even setting your own challenge?


View the fundraising page here:


Read more on the blog:

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