May 11 2018

Super Campaigner News – May

I hope you have all been able to be out enjoying the outdoors in this sunny spring weather! 

At the time of writing, on the last day of our NPPF campaign, it has reached 9859. The numbers have shot up because we have now added the 2219 offline letters that were sent in from our members. Hopefully, we’ll make our 10,000 target by the end of the day! But even if we don’t, we’ve had an amazing response, especially for a technical planning policy campaign. And Government has definitely being paying attention! So a huge thank you to all of you for helping us get all this support. This campaign has had the largest reach for any campaign that Super Campaigners have helped us share. So well done! 




Thanks for all you do,



Super Campaigner Volunteer of the Month 

Volunteer of the Month for March is Divia. She shared posts on Facebook and Twitter, researched for writing a blog, took part in campaigns and spoke to people about our work so gets the title for March.


Congratulations Divia!


Check out her blog here. To be in with a chance of being Volunteer of the Month don’t forget to answer the monthly survey.

Live Campaigns

Don’t forget to get involved in these campaigns while you still can and share with others!

Latest Campaigns and Policy News 

The latest blogs written by staff in the Trust’s campaigns and government affairs teams. Read on to learn more about our work and what you are helping us to achieve.


Brilliant Blogs

Some of the best blogs written by Super Campaigners over the last month:

Want your blog featured here or in our campaigns newsletter? Remember to let me know when you’ve written a new blog. 

Learning & Inspiration

Did you know any of these 11 facts about woods and forests? Learn about where bats live and how they use echolocation. And here are some of the reasons why we depend on plants.

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