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Apr 20 2018

Meet Joe, Woodland Creation Project Officer

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Joseph Gillard. I happily go by Joe as long as there is an E on the end.  I am one of the woodland creation protect officers for the Trust.


I have been working with trees and woodlands for the best part of a decade since leaving school and have quite a broad knowledge of things tree and woodland related, starting in arboriculture out in North Yorkshire then moving to Cumbria to attend the National School of Forestry. From there I worked with the Forestry Commission up in Fort William out in the west coast of Scotland before taking this post.


I think I am quite lucky to have found my passion so early in my career. When not at work I can usually be found out trekking across the hills (which is not always possible out in Lincolnshire).


As a woodland creation project officer, most of my role is focused around helping 3rd party landowners plant trees on their land through our MOREwoods and MOREhedges scheme.  I mainly cover the South West and Wales.  Within this role I help administer our schemes, ordering trees and providing general woodland creation advice to land owners.  If you have any questions about our grant schemes or woodland creation please feel free to get in touch.


I am also the volunteer manager for a number of woodland creation champion volunteers supporting landowners, schools and community groups in my areas. I recently met our new champions for the Long Forest project in Wales whilst delivering part of their induction day.  The photo above shows the group enjoying a session away from the classroom and out on site (I am far left).

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