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Apr 18 2018

Talk: Adventures of a Tree Hunter (17th May, Shrophire)

Regional Food Academy, Harper Adams University, Newport

Thursday 17th May 2018, 7.30pm to 9.00pm, £3 admission (£1.50 for students)

One of our Woodland Creation Champion volunteers is organising a talk by Rob Mcbride that you may be interested in attending.

Rob, an ex-software engineer based in Shropshire, is an acknowledged expert on connecting trees and people. Often, the cultural heritage of many trees is ‘hidden’; tucked away in people’s memories, never really shared or talked of and rarely written about. Rob aims to change all this and has been researching these arboreal connections for over 13 years. Appearing on many TV and radio programmes he tries to ‘normalise’ our relationships with special trees. In recent years he has been involved with the European Tree of the Year contest, hosting the awards ceremony in the EU Parliament in Brussels, on one occasion. He has recently been asked by the organisers of this contest to be the official ambassador for #TreesInNeed which aims to highlight / campaign for ‘special’ trees under threat right across the UK and Europe. He is also a walk leader, writer, lecturer, photographer and campaigner / ambassador, for the protection of veteran, heritage and ancient trees. (Follow Rob on Twitter @thetreehunter).

NEWPORT 21 is privileged to be able to welcome him to Harper Adams University next month when he will talk initially about the ancient / veteran trees in Shropshire (and neighbouring counties) he has been involved with recording and protecting. After a 20 minute break for refreshments he will recount his experiences supporting the community groups in Sheffield which have been fighting to prevent the felling of thousands of mature street trees (the city council has recently ordered a pause in activity in order to review their underlying methodology and approach).


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