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Apr 18 2018

Friday 13th – a lucky day for Scottish Woods under Threat Detector Volunteers

Friday 13th April was our lucky day for hosting a training session for our Woods under Threat volunteers based in Scotland.   Read on to find out more.


The session kicked off with the all important lunch during which the volunteers got to have a good chat with each other and with our Scotland Director, Carol Evans, our Public Affairs Manager, Charles Dundas, our Public Affairs Officer Arina Nagy-Vizitiu and also our special guest Peter Scott, Professor in Planning and Environmental Law at Glasgow Caledonian University and also former lawyer.


Arina and Charles then guided the volunteers through the step-by-step guide we prepared on responding to (Local Development PLan) LDP consultations, and also looked identifying the most important stages for making representations, and practically identifying ancient and native woodland sites using online mapping tools.


We saved the best until last, and felt extremely lucky to have Peter Scott to present on planning issues and the natural environment. The presentation aimed to serve as a conclusion for the day, to build upon the knowledge gathered during the day and summarise key aspects of the planning system.


Overall it was a successful training session and we hope that our Woods under Threat Detectors who attended the session now feel empowered to tackle LDP consultations. It did however prove to be a little too short as discussions on the planning system round the table were very interesting and timely, especially in the context of the new Planning Bill currently under scrutiny in the Scottish Parliament.


As for plans for future training, we will build on this and on the successful training days last October to deliver further sessions for volunteers who are already familiar with the process and for those who firstly need to be introduced to the planning system.


We look forward to planning the next one and to working with our wonderful volunteers.


Arina Nagy-Vizitiu, Public Affairs Officer – Scotland


Sarah Cooley, Campaigning Volunteer Co-ordinator

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