Apr 13 2018

Horses, Community and Volunteering

The local community have welcomed the work taking place at Great Hill Wood – a Wood on Your Doorstep near Chillington, South Devon. There has been a huge amount of enthusiasm, both for the ride edge coppicing and the use of horses. So much so that we’ve been pulling together willing volunteers to take part in the future management and maintenance of the site! It’s great to see all of the positive comments we’ve had flooding in about this work, and realising the depth of interest and importance the locals have for this site.

The wood was in need of some attention as the rides were getting very dark and muddy underfoot. So by coppicing and ride clearance we have let in more light  which improves the access/ condition of the paths and improves the structure/ habitat of the wood. 

The logs will be sold to recoup the cost of doing the work and the hope is that the community now be taking on the care of this wood and it’s attached orchard for the future.

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