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Apr 10 2018

WCC network update March 2018

A good news day

As we head towards the end of the planting season I wanted to share some breaking news.

In Autumn 17 and Spring 18 we can count 270 hectares as already planted, ordered or having a delivery date agreed as part of the MOREwoods scheme. This has beaten the amount we achieved in the same period last year. We are also planting around 39,000 metres of hedgerow through the MOREhedges scheme. Landowners also cleaned our shelves of shelterbelt packs before Christmas which is a strong indicator for the likely success of new products for specific audiences.

Alongside this we are also delivering 320,000 trees through school and community tree packs in the next two weeks, with 140,000 trees requested already for November.

The success we are having is down to our advisers, volunteers and project officers all working hard to deliver these fantastic results for woodland outreach at the Woodland Trust.


New Community Tree Pack process

In January we introduced a new feature into the application process for Community Tree Packs. Applicants are now asked to let us know if they are interested in receiving some additional support, and to describe the type of advice they would like (see box below).

How does this affect you our Woodland Creation Advisors?

You will now only receive details of applicants that have specifically requested support and we will include any details such as their planting plan, the type of help required and their pack choices.

We are also increasing the frequency that we send you enquiries regarding tree pack support. This is to help spread the load and ensure that our schools and community groups can start planning as soon as possible. It will also give them more time if they need to make changes to their pack choices.

Look out for any requests for help around the 15th of each month. However, please note that the demand will vary and therefore you may not hear from us every month.

Also, in order to help this new process be successful I will need you to complete your activity diary within 4 weeks of receiving the request. You will find the link in the email we send you.

If you like a statistic…

  • We have received just over 750 applications for the November planting season so far
  • Of those approved so far, 53 applicants would benefit from receiving advice from a champion
  • Around 50% of these requests relate to advice on site preparation
  • Advice on planting design, species selection and maintenance are requested in equal measure at 25%


Rotary club – donations

Some of our champions are currently supporting Rotary clubs with their Rotary Tree Challenge. Follow this link if you would like further information on this challenge.

Clubs are either purchasing trees through our Trust shop or making applications for our free Community Tree Packs.

We are however finding that some of the clubs receiving community tree packs subsequently express a wish to make a donation. If you are helping a club in your area and they ask how to do this, please pass on the following advice:

Rotary clubs expressing an interest in making a donation can donate what they wish. As a guide, if they had bought the tree packs from the web shop it would work out at approximately £1 per tree.

We would encourage donations to be made by telephone or post. The person calling can simply give the reason for the donation (e.g. tree planting with the Rotary Club) and if sending a cheque can include a note or letter to again explain the reason. This will help us to ensure that the donations are recorded accordingly.

Any comments, feedback or questions are always welcome.

Charlotte Cox – Volunteering officer Woodland Creation

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