Apr 10 2018

Volunteer Network Event on Dartmoor

Thank you to all the volunteers who made it to The network  event on Dartmoor in March. We were very lucky with the weather, managing to choose the weekended in between the snow. Had it have been snowing it would have mande getting to the venues very tricky.


The day started at Tinpickle And Rhum , where we had a coffee, engaging conversations, and then some nice warming soup before embarking on our guided walk.

Thankfully the rain which had been relentlessness in the morning stopped in time for us to go and enjoy a guided Walk on Haytor.

The guided walk is provided by Dartmoor National Park Authority, and we learnt about the different rock formations on Haytor

Further events are planned for the rest of the South West Region so keep an eye on Whittle for further dates to follow. One date to save is Saturday 2nd June As this will be a whole South West region volunteer thank you event, to be held close to Taunton with a guided walk round RSPB nature reserve Swell wood   https://www.rspb.org.uk/reserves-and-events/reserves-a-z/swell-wood?gclid=EAIaIQobChMInYbbxemi2gIV7b_tCh2bVQAgEAAYAiAAEgJgLfD_BwE

Amanda Bealing – Volunteering Development Officer

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