School children holding a banner saying We've planted trees
Apr 10 2018

Trees planted by MOTO and local school

A hundred trees planted at motorway service station 


A group of children from Battle Primary Academy had a lovely time helping us to plant 100 trees at MOTO’s Reading East service station in January. The Moto in the Community Trust (MITC) supports the Woodland Trust by donating money raised from the sale of carrier bags at Moto sites across the country. 


The first donation of £100,000 was made in April 2017.  MITC intends to donate a further £100,000 per year for the next four years, so £500,000 in total; a fantastic amount of money for the Woodland Trust to receive!


A super-enthusiastic bunch of nine children from MOTO’s local adopted school joined us on a beautiful sunny day to plant a mix of native trees next to the car park. As the cars were zooming along the busy motorway it was great knowing that these trees will help create a place for wildlife to thrive.


Most of the children were planting their first ever trees and were fascinated with the worms they kept finding. They carefully placed them back in the ground or relocated them under a bush so they were safe from the digging! They teamed up in twos or threes to dig holes, gently place the trees in, and replace the soil and had lots of fun doing it.


We were joined by local woodland creation volunteer, Barbara Storey, who had been instrumental in getting this little project started by identifying where the trees could go and which species would be best in that location. A fantastic day was had by all!



                                        School children digging with spades      Girls with spades      Boys with spades

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