Apr 10 2018

Super Campaigner News – April

Welcome to the very first edition of our Super Campaigner News on Whittle!

Here at the Woodland Trust, we’re pretty excited about Whittle and I hope it proves to be a great resource and community for you. Going forward I’ll be using Whittle to share updates on our campaigns as well as tips and guidance on how to get the most out of being a Super Campaigner. I’d also love to hear from you on what articles you would like to see here on Whittle.

If you are a Super Campaigner volunteer, please fill in the hours & activity survey for last month by Wednesday 11th April. Please do take the time to answer this (or email me your hours) as it’s really important the Trust has a record, even if you haven’t managed to do anything in March. I look forward to seeing what you have been up to!

Take part in the survey here.


Thanks for all you do,



Super Campaigner Volunteer Network Manager

Super Campaigner Volunteer of the Month

Volunteer of the Month for February is Peter Ferguson. He volunteered the most hours, shared tweets,  and wrote 2 great blogs, so gets the title for February.

Congratulations Peter!

Check out his blog here. To be in with a chance of being Volunteer of the Month don’t forget to answer the monthly survey (link above).

Live Campaigns

Don’t forget to get involved in these campaigns while you still can and share with others!

Latest Campaigns and Government News

The latest blogs written by staff in the Trust’s campaigns and government affairs teams. Read on to learn more about our work and what you are helping us to achieve.

Brilliant Blogs

Some of the best blogs written by Super Campaigners over the last month:

Want your blog featured here or in our campaigns newsletter? Remember to let me know when you’ve written a new blog. 

Learning & Inspiration

We tend to use ‘forest’ and ‘wood’ interchangeably but did you know they once meant different things? Read all about the phenomenon of trees with curly branches. And learn more about the permissions that are needed to cut down trees in gardens, vital knowledge for tree campaigners!

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