Apr 10 2018

Stronger protection for ancient woodland in England

At last! The rules protecting ancient woodland from development are changing – and getting stronger. On 5 March, after years of campaigning from the Trust – backed by hundreds of thousands of people –  the Government showed it had heeded our call and proposed changes to the wording in the National Planning Policy Framework (or NPPF, which sets the policy for development across England) around protecting ancient woodland. And it’s even better than we had hoped for!

If the changes are retained in the final policy, it could make an immediate impact on the threats England’s oldest woodland habitats face from development.

 But… the same changes could mean that ancient and veteran trees actually have less protection in future than ancient woodland. This is a mistake. And we’re planning to fix it.


 Read more about the NPPF and the campaign on the Woodland Trust blog:


The proposed changes are out for consultation until May. We’ve launched a campaign to ensure our members, volunteers and supporters can show their support for the wording around ancient woodland, and add their weight to our concerns for ancient and veteran trees. Meanwhile, we’re already busy behind the scenes lobbying our friends and contacts in parliament, and gathering a broad selection of conservation partners, ambassadors and legal eagles behind our response. You can help – whether that’s by taking part in the campaign or promoting the campaign to your friends, colleagues and family. 

  • Take part in our campaign to get stronger and equal protection for our ancient woods and trees here
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