Pile of coppiced wood at Butcher's Wood
Apr 09 2018

Volunteers make light work of winter coppicing at Butcher’s Wood

Volunteers are doing a great job at Butcher’s Wood  

For more than 25 years, a small group of dedicated volunteers has made light work of coppicing at Butcher’s Wood in Hassocks, West Sussex. The group meets regularly to cut back the constantly-growing hazel which they cut into one metre logs and pile neatly. This has then been sold for £5 a wheelbarrow full and the money donated to the Woodland Trust.

This is such a lovely way to make use of the cut hazel and fund any further work required in the wood. The brash is used to make ‘dead hedges’ along the edge of the footpaths – these help to prevent desire lines being created, protecting the fragile ecology from trampling and they soon become home to woodland wildlife and provide vital, safe passageways.

The volunteers work throughout the winter, when the footpaths get extremely muddy. Site Manager, Phil Truluck is really grateful for their help and is proud of how much they achieve every year.

Dedicated volunteers, Linda and Mick Fitter have led the group from the beginning and are still the wood’s Volunteer Wardens but they have recently ‘handed over the baton’ for the coppicing work to Ian Woods, who is continuing their great work. Linda and Mick have also gone ‘above and beyond’ their role as volunteers by kindly providing storage for the cut wood before it was sold.


They are both fantastic ambassadors for the wood so here’s a BIG THANK YOU to Linda and Mick!


Contact: Phil Truluck (Site Manager)



Linda Fitter in Butcher's Wood           Hazel logs piled and ready for sale            Brash piles used to make dead hedges along footpath edge




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