volunteer warden des lloyd with bird boxes
Apr 09 2018

Owlet Wood, a haven for birdlife thanks to local Volunteer Warden

Des Lloyd, Volunteer Warden at Owlet Wood, has provided an update on recent activity down at the reserve helping to improve the woodland for local bird life.

‘Things have been rather hectic here around the Owlets Plantation nature reserve over the last few weeks, with over 300 more trees planted of the hazel, hawthorn and mountain ash variety in one of the areas suffering from oak decline.

With the bad weather of recent weeks I have had my work cut out keeping all the bird feeders topped up at the new bird watching screens and feed stations as the weather has had a negative effect on the wildlife natural food supply, but our efforts have helped many of our resident birds survive the winter.

Also with the help of a couple of my friends have managed to get a few more nest boxes installed, making the number installed in the wood up to now at over 30, I still have 4 open fronted flycatcher boxes left to put up and around 6 boxes for the blue/great tit varieties which will give us over 40 bird and 3 Tawny Owl boxes made and erected in the last 12 to 15 months.

All the boxes have been hand made by myself and a couple of my mates, see pic of me with some of the boxes ready to take to the wood and pics of us fixing in position one of the Owl boxes.

Spotted a pair of tawny owls roosting about 50 metre from one of the owl boxes put up last winter, so keeping our fingers crossed on that one, but have seen a number of the boxes being inspected by our resident blue/great tits,and the woodpeckers have been drumming for around 5 weeks now so the nesting season is getting into gear, now we wait for our summer visitors to return (hopefully) ie willow warblers, blackcaps,chiffchaff.flycatcher.’

Des Lloyd – Volunteer Warden, Owlet Wood


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