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Apr 05 2018

Check out Super Campaigners’ blogs on woods & trees

The Campaigns Team at the Trust manages a network of campaigning volunteers across the UK, what we like to call ‘Special Branch’. One of the three roles that make up this network is that of ‘Super Campaigner’.

Our Super Campaigners are remote volunteers who mainly work online to help the Trust spread our message and raise support for our campaigns to protect ancient woods and ancient and veteran trees. They do this through sharing information about our campaigns on social media, blogs, articles, YouTube videos, online forums, and in any other way they can think of!

Many of them use their own blogs as a way to raise awareness of both woods and trees and the campaigns we run to better protect and value them. In this way they educate and persuade their audiences, old and new, to act for woods and trees and provide support for the Woodland Trust.

Our Super Campaigner bloggers come from all walks of life but they all have one thing in common, their love of woods and trees. Why not have a read of their blogs, listed below? Just click on the name of the blog to discover more.


  • A Natural Education – In this blog Amy reflects on the way in which natural experiences can affect us all. 
  • Alienor’s blogs on Medium – Alienor is an eloquent writer whose love of the outdoors shines through her words. Find a collection of Alienor’s blogs about woods, trees and our campaigns on her Medium account.
  • Copse & Spinney – A former Super Campaigner, environmental journalist, Charlotte, shares her fascination with woods and trees in her blog.
  • Crafty Green Poet – Long term Super Campaigner and Volunteer Awards 2017 nominee, Juliet combines her love of nature and crafting into this blog. She writes and shares photography of her regular walks in nature near her home in Edinburgh as well as raising awareness of our campaigns.
  • Dion Dobryznski Poetry & Photography – Dion is a poet and photographer inspired by the wonder and complexity of the natural world. On this blog he shares poetry, photos and articles on the environment.
  • Druid Life – Whilst this blog stems from Nimue’s following of the Druid path, her blog is accessible and relevant for everyone who is interested in trees, nature or activism. Check her blog out for beautifully written and insightful daily posts that explore the challenges of life, creative writing, woods and trees and how we can help our planet.
  • Every Tree Has a Story to Tell – Divia writes about the wonder and history of trees across the world.
  • Fun Life Venture – Angela is an adventurer at heart and a passionate campaigner for our woods and trees. In her blog she shares her many adventures and encourages everyone to get involved in protecting woods and trees.
  • Grounded Roots – A blog with a collection of stories and experiences about rekindling a long-lost connection with nature.
  • My Art is Living – Anna is passionate about books and nature and regularly brings them together on her blog. She also writes about our latest campaigns from her own perspective and with a lawyer’s critical eye.
  • Narratives and Knotholes – An interesting blog from a PHD student studying the historical and aesthetic importance of trees in Victorian Literature. There’s always something new to learn about our ancient trees and their links with our heritage on her blog.
  • Pilgrimaging Pilch – A blog about one man and his pilgrimage for adventures, vegetables and woodland protection.
  • Poems and Paths – A place for poetry inspired by trees and adventures in nature from a long time Super Campaigner.  
  • Pup On The Trail – Amelie blogs about her hiking adventures and her connection with woods and trees as well as using her blog to help us share our campaigns.
  • The Unconventional Gardener – If you’re interested in all things botany, this is the blog to visit. In this blog, Emma shares her extensive knowledge of weird and wonderful plants as well as reminding us to look after our woods, trees and our planet.
  • Vernemeton – A Tumblr blog that shares Woodland Trust campaigns, and some of the latest news on protecting woods and trees.
  • Queer Little Family – A charming blog about a small family’s everyday life in rural Wales.
  • The World As We Know It – Divia discusses the challenges woods and trees face in the UK and what we can do to help.

If you use Twitter, I’d also recommend following our Twitter star, Suzie Harvey, who won the Juniper Award for her dedication as a volunteer. Follow @SaveUKTrees for updates on Woodland Trust campaigns, the Tree Charter, woods and trees news and interesting facts about them!

Want to help our Super Campaigners share the message of the Woodland Trust even further? Why not follow and share the above blogs and help us grow the network of people passionate about trees!

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