Mar 29 2018

Fun in the Woods with Murdishaw Nature Detectives

At the Nature Detectives group, down in Murdishaw Wood Runcorn, we’ve been making the most of our fantastic winter. As well as the obligatory snow men, we’ve found lots of natural obstacles in the woods and used trees as balance beams, limboed under and hung from branches and used the clefts in tress to squeeze through. Making splashes by throwing pebbles into tree hollows was great fun, as was seeing who could land pebbles on tree stumps – not as easy as it sounds.

On a more serious note, we’ve thought about nature and how hard the winter can be for animals and made some totally litter free bird feeders from loo roll inners, peanut butter and bird seed. That was good fun too. If you’re interested have a look at our Facebook page, ‘Murdishaw Nature Detectives’


Helen Hand – Nature Detectives Volunteer Group Leader

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