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Mar 28 2018

Volunteers improve woodland for wildlife at Grappenhall woods

This is our second season of working at Millennium Wood in Grappenhall. Our main task is to thin out the trees planted eighteen years ago, letting the sunlight flood in and encourage the remaining trees to flourish, also improving ground flora and creating wildlife habitats. All our volunteers enjoy working outdoors and the health benefits it promotes. Visits have become quite a social event where we take a picnic and some home made soup to keep us fueled during the cold days. During our first year we began at the edge of the wood near to the public entrance and over the winter we managed to fell well over fifty trees.

The following summer when we returned for a visit, it was amazing to see how much light flooded through and how much the wildlife has increased from the brash piles we had built.

This winter our volunteer numbers have increased and although we are still a relatively small group the work we are doing continues to have a massive impact on the woods. Although felling has stopped for the nesting season we will begin to work on clearing the evasive Himalayan Balsam in the coming summer months. Come October we will be back to continue our task, benefiting both our group members and the woodland.

Gary Lyon, Woodland Working Group Leader

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  • FrankWaring

    Hard but rewarding work, and some very enjoyable food.

    Who’s turn is it for the soup?

    Lovely social day out too

    April 9, 2018 at 7:47 pm

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