Mar 28 2018

Hello from the Sibsey wood group!

Hello everyone, greetings from our team. We are 12 volunteers – some of us also Woodland Trust staff based in the Grantham HQ who felt, frankly, it wasn’t just enough to talk about woods all day long, we also wanted to get out and get our hands dirty among the trees at weekends. We started to care for The Sibsey wood in Aubourn, Lincolnshire, early this winter. The Sibsey was planted 18 years ago to mark the Millennium and was ready for a bit of management and TLC. We have coppiced many of the hazels and started thinning other parts of the wood to let in the light and bring in some understorey. We have sawed, we have lopped, we have chopped and we have made homes for wrens and robins with piles of brash. We have all learned new things and feel all the richer for it. Woodland joy. Thank you to Paul Jarczewski, James Jesson and Claire Green for helping us get set up.


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