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Mar 28 2018

Friends of Wadworth Shrubbery

Wadworth Shrubbery was once part of the 18th century estate of Wadworth Hall, situated on Wadworth Hall lane. This small narrow mature woodland comprises of 2.47 acres of Ancient Semi Natural Woodland, Conservation Area and Site of Scientific Interest. This site still contains some historic garden features including the  Fishpond, Ha-Ha Wall and the Gospel Wells. The site was donated to The Woodland Trust on the 15th December 1994 from Wadworth Hall Trust.

“Friends of Wadworth Shrubbery”, was set up in July 2015 and since October 2015 a total of 600 volunteer hours have been spent undertaking conservation activities. The main work, clearing out of troublesome vegetation and dead wood, only takes place between the end of September and the end of March, the winter months. The Summer months are left to the birds to breed.

Major work carried out during the summer months of 2017, have included the re building of the steps leading through the Ha Ha Wall (damaged by vandalism) and the facing with stone of the Gospel Well cistern. Also a drainage pipe from a spring to lead water into the pond has been installed. Previous work carried out has been the cleaning out of the pond and rebuilding of the water retaining wall to increase the pond water depth, and also the opening up of the path through to Tofield Rd. The Trust has since installed notice boards and other work is planned.

Anyone not familiar with the Shrubbery are advised to take a walk through and see the work completed so far, particularly in the spring time when snowdrops and bluebells are prolific.

Martyn Leaney, Group Leader

  • MartynLeaney

    Steps have been recently built ( by contractors) into a steep slippery slope within the Shrubbery..there was a fear of visitors doing a “tumble”, and being injured,
    However the recent very heavy torrential rain (early June’18) has partly washed the steps away…(the limestone infill)…and will now require re building…

    June 20, 2018 at 2:35 pm
    • Sarah Shaw

      That’s a shame Martyn, we’ve escaped most of the bad weather here in Lincolnshire but hear it’s been bad at times elsewhere. Is the Site Manager aware of the damage to the new steps?

      June 21, 2018 at 8:55 am

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