Mar 28 2018

A Busy Winter at Spud wood

It has been a busy winter in Spud Wood, Cheshire. 

The wood allotment group has been opening up some of the more densely planned areas to let in more light which also provides some wood fuel. Now at the end of the season the group members are getting to the end of felling their marked trees and carting them out of the wood. They are all are ready for a rest during the summer. 

A mix of allotment group members and other volunteers have been coppicing the hazel, the wood was planned with clumps of hazel around the edge, these are getting towards 20 years old so have presented quite a challenge. 

The whole of this cutting season has focused on one large area which, with the help of a local conservation group, is coppiced and ready to spring into new life. The challenge next year is to do some hedge laying as well.

Claire Green – Volunteering Development Officer




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