Mar 23 2018

A positive change for Broadleaf packaging!

We are delighted to tell you that Broadleaf packaging has had a make-over. It’s out with the previous polyethylene wrapping, and in with the lovely new FSC-certified paper envelope, beautifully designed with the issue’s front cover as above.

As you’ll all be aware, there has been a lot of negative press lately about the use of plastics and the effects on the planet, and as always our members had a lot to say about the matter. This encouraged us to review some of the products we were using, starting with Broadleaf.

The previous wrap had been carefully reviewed and selected for its cost effectiveness, durability, and nice appearance (impact of Broadleaf cover through the clear poly). While it was thought to be biodegradeable, we have learnt the conditions needed for this process to occur rarely take place and even if they do it takes an extremely long time. This increases the chance of it finding its way into the environment, especially the oceans, where it can cause harm to a wide range of species. So it became apparent there may be a better solution. Although it is not 100% without its faults (e.g. plastic window) the new solution is another positive step forward in reducing plastic pollution and being as environmentally friendly as possible!

Sarah Shaw –  Volunteer Journey Officer

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