Tree affected with Ash dieback
Feb 13 2018

Working in partnership to raise awareness of Ash dieback

The Ash Project is an urgent cultural response to ash dieback led by Kent Downs AONB. The South East at the Woodland Trust team have recently supplied The Ash Project with over 1500 trees to replace diseased ash in Thorn Wood, Brockhill Country Park and Placketts Hole in Kent.

We’re supporting their team locally and at a national level to raise awareness of chalara through a series of cultural and conservation events and activities. These trees will form part of a trial to work with landowners across Kent, helping mitigate against the loss of ash within the landscape.

In November 2017 the project removed two trees from Thorn Wood that were infected by ash dieback, and over the next few months they plan to turn these trees into striking public artworks by artists Ackroyd & Harvey that tell the story of ash dieback as it is impacting landscapes in Kent. Public planting of many of the 1500 trees will take place on 3 March at Thorn Wood.

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