Volunteers sawing a tree
Jan 16 2018



Felling trees the Londonthorpe way

On a sunny Sunday morning the volunteers at Londonthorpe Woodland Working group, near Grantham met up with site manager Ian Froggatt, to learn how to fell trees in a safe way. Armed with bowsaws, loppers, wedges, a felling lever, gloves, hard hats (not to mention the promise of tea and biscuits and a steely determination), the group were shown the correct techniques. They were then able to practise felling with Ian on hand to offer and advice and support. Everyone got the chance to have a go, even me! The group got lots of work done and group leaders Pete Armstrong and Paul Bakker ensured that everyone was fuelled up with hot drinks and snacks. That day even cappuccinos and lattes were on offer.

Exploring Londonthorpe Wood is fascinating because it is made up of a mixture of high forest, open spaces, woodland rides, ponds and scrubland. Since the very first tree was planted in 1992, the site has a flourished, with a dramatic increase in biological diversity. Mature woodland is present in the border between Londonthorpe Wood and Alma Park. In this area the presence of veteran trees and hedgerows, as well as key ancient woodland indicator species (like cuckoo pint and dog’s mercury) make this site very special indeed. Not many sites offer you the chance to see wildflower meadows, aquatic invertebrates and woodland birds all in one place.

If you would like to join in with a Woodland Working group please check out the recruitment web page http://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/get-involved/volunteer-with-us/

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