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Jan 16 2018

Talking Trees Volunteer Speaker Network

Summary 2017

This year has seen real growth of the speaker network. At the end of 2016 we had 50 volunteer speakers and some real geographical gaps across the UK.  These included Wales, Scotland, the South West and the North East.  The network has now doubled in size represented by 101 speakers as we start 2018.


An example of the impact Volunteers Speakers can have is perhaps illustrated by feedback from Ian Baird, a volunteer for our Woodland Creation Network. Ian, who was shortlisted for the Acorn Award at our Volunteer Awards in December, was inspired to volunteer for the Woodland Trust as a result of listening to a talk that Jim Christie, a Volunteer Speaker for Scotland gave. Ian commented that volunteering with the Woodland Trust had enriched his life. This and many other comments tells us how much the speakers value their roles and how others value their talks.


Over the course of 2017, 281 talks were delivered reaching over 8250 people. For 2018 already we have over 170 talks booked in. So 2018 promises another busy year with many more inspiring talks to be delivered by the network throughout the UK. The Woodland Trust is very grateful to all our Volunteer Speakers for the time they give and the difference they make.


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