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Jan 16 2018

Have you spotted a tree pest or disease?

Observatree is about identifying when new tree pests and diseases arrive in the UK as early as possible and also spotting new outbreaks of those that are occasionally found here.  This enables a fast response and the greatest chances of eradicating or controlling the outbreak.  If you think you have spotted one of the pests or diseases that we are particularly concerned about, please let us know!

Naturally there are many pests and diseases that are native to the UK and are widespread.  If you are not sure whether what you have seen is something new or established, you can find lots of guidance from the Forestry Commission.

How to report

If you think you have spotted a tree pest or disease of concern, and have double checked signs and symptoms, then report it as quickly as possible via Tree Alert. To do this as accurately as possible, please use this checklist to ensure you capture key information before submitting your report.

Developed by the Forestry Commission, Tree Alert is an online reporting tool for forestry professionals and those with knowledge of trees and woods.  Information about trees showing symptoms of pests or diseases can be recorded and submitted for further verification.

Tree concerns in Northern Ireland must be reported to Forest Service and not Tree Alert.  Forest Service is part of the Northern Ireland Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. Contact the Plant Health Inspection Branch on 0300 200 7847, email them or report via the TreeCheck phone app.  TreeCheck operates across NI and the Republic of Ireland.

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