Training session for outdoor first aid
Jan 16 2018

Ready to deal with anything

Woodland Working group volunteers based in South Lincolnshire were invited to take part in an Emergency First Aid at work plus F (forestry) training course. Trainers Dave and Ian from Lancashire First Aid delivered an active course at Belton Old School House, Lincolnshire. The syllabus covered the main aspects of emergency first aid, with additional elements added relevant to the risks associated with forestry work.

The day was a mixture of power point slides and putting theory into practice, with volunteers learning how to assess an emergency situation to keep themselves safe, perform CPR (to the tune of ‘Nelly the elephant’) and treat injuries of varying severity, to give a few examples. They were also taught how to recognise the signs of certain illnesses, and what they could do as first aiders if help was required. With the addition of the forestry element, the group also got the chance to find out a bit more about the types of injuries and illnesses that could occur in a woodland setting and were taught how to treat casualties with heavy bleeding, crush injuries and hypothermia.

There was lots of time put aside for questions and answers, so everyone was clear about what to do in a variety of emergency scenarios.

Well done to everyone who took part!

There should be at least one first aider for every Woodland Working group and there must be a first aider at every session. Please let the Woodland Trust know if you require first aid training as part of your volunteering role. First aid qualifications must be renewed every three years.

Amanda Brookes – Volunteer Development Officer  – Central region

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