Dormouse peeking through leaves
Jan 16 2018

Adcombe Wood Dormouse Monitoring

The Blackdown Hills Natural Futures Project is very excited to be working with the Woodland Trust and the People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) on dormouse monitoring in the Blackdown Hills.

We are busy setting up several new sites which will be monitored for dormouse activity over the coming years by the project staff and a host of enthusiastic volunteers. Dormice are a species under threat in the UK and monitoring for the PTES National Dormouse Monitoring Project is helping to track the progress of the species at sites across the country. We have positioned 70 boxes throughout Adcombe Wood, a beautiful ancient broadleaved woodland and a site of Special Scientific Interest, and are looking forward to getting started on monitoring.

The volunteering on the project isn’t managed by the Woodland Trust so if you would like to volunteer to help with monitoring, please email Project Officer Conrad Barrowclough on

Special thanks to Joe Middleton the Site Manager at Adcombe Wood for supporting the partnership.  

More information can be found at 

Amanda Bealing

Volunteering Development Officer

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