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Jan 15 2018

Sibsey wood inaugural meeting

Ever made a promise at a dinner party, then woken up the next day thinking, ‘Oh god I’m going to have to go through with this’. Yes, me too. Quite recently. In this case I said I’d see if I could find a little community woodland – a place our gang of neighbours might be able to help manage.

Several weeks and several conversations with Woodland Trust colleagues later, we found ourselves in The Sibsey wood in Aubourn, Lincolnshire, at a woodland management taster session led by the lovely Site Manager Paul Jarczewski. Paul explained a bit about The Sibsey – it is 17 years old, was planted to mark the Millennium, and is now ripe for a good coppicing.

Then it was time for us to get down to it. Loppers, saws and Woodland Trust standard issue Village-People-chic helmets were handed out and, after several little break outs into the YMCA dance routine, we were set to work coppicing a clump of hazel trees.

We sawed and we lopped and we snipped and we made homes for wrens and robins (long, snaking piles of brash along the edge of the wood). There were several Woodland Trust staff among us and we all went home happy, pink-cheeked and richer for the experience. Below are some of the comments – spot the common theme: lots of love for community-style woodland management going on here. Most of us want to come back for more. Huge thanks to Paul, Claire Green and James Jesson for their support.


‘I loved it’

‘I loved the day and felt I learned a huge amount’

‘Had a fabulous time’

‘I actually learnt a lot’

‘Absolutely loved every minute. Thank you’


Words by Jules Acton – Group Leader, Sibsey Wood Woodland Group

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