Jan 15 2018

Sapling award

For the first time this year as part of the Volunteer Awards we decided to award the Sapling Award.

This award is for a pupil at a school who has shown an outstanding contribution to engaging their school and wider school community with woods and trees.

The very first winner was

Charlotte O’Donnell

Charlotte attends Percy Main Primary School in North Shields, Tyne and Wear. She has continually demonstrated her natural ability to bond with nature and during her time in Year 2 has provided lots of examples and experiences of how she uses the natural learning environment to develop her own knowledge and understanding of woodlands and their ecosystems. Charlotte often spends playtimes and lunchtimes using Nature Detectives resources with her friends.

She is also a member of the schools newly formed team of news reporters who are at present working on the first edition of their Nature newspaper. Charlotte and her dad spend time together in the garden at home and this shared time has also inspired her knowledge of the rich biodiversity of woodland plants.

Charlotte was instrumental in the school finally being awarded the Woodland Trust’s platinum Green Tree Schools Award.

Her passion to support woodland continues to grow and we could not think of any child more deserving of the Sapling Award.

Watch Charlotte in action here

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