Jan 15 2018

2017 Volunteer manager of the year

This year’s Volunteer Manager of the year is Louise Taylor from the UK National Tree Seed Project.

Louise was nominated by Sue Quick, seed collection volunteer

Sue said ‘I have been very impressed with Louise’s commitment to the job, which is particularly difficult as she has to cover the whole of the UK where we have promised to provide seeds. She has continually encouraged and supported her team, going out with equipment and writing informative newsletters to keep us volunteers on track. She shows a great sense of commitment to her work and enjoys sharing her sense of humour about how things are going. She is knowledgeable about tree species and timing of seed production and has encouraged the team to expand by recruiting and training new volunteers in areas where we were short. Whilst all those who have carried out the role have been effective, I feel that Louise gives it a sense of personal commitment. I wish her well for the future in this and other roles; she feels like a long-time friend even though I’ve only met her once.’

Thank you to everyone who took the time to nominate their Volunteer Manager. Others nominated were:

Louise Neicho

Joe Middleton

Helen Jones

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